Project Description


Nova IVI Fertility (NIF) Centers is a subsidiary of Nova Medical Centers

Nova IVI Fertility Clinics formed in partnership with IVI, Spain and Pulse Women’s Hospital, Ahmedabad

IVI, Spain is the largest IVF group in the world and a world leader in Reproductive Medicine .

38 centers across 10 countries in Europe, Central & Latin America with world leading success rates  IVI has helped in birth of more than 100,000 children since its inception in 1990  Over 1,000 doctors & clinicians are associated with IVI Pulse is India’s foremost IVF center performing more than 1,500 IVF cycles a year with over 15 years of experience, excellent track record and proven results .

India & Middle East (ME) are highly attractive business opportunity in Infertility 20 – 25 million infertile population, ~125,000 IVF cycles p.a. NIF is positioned to be the largest IVF institute in Asia Pacific .

16 clinics across 11 cities in India 30 clinics in India & ME over the next 3years performing over ~35,000 IVF cycles