Project Description

Acharya Ayurgramam, is situated near Neyyar Dam and Agasthya forest. It lets you live in harmony with nature.The breeze brings the fragrance of herbs to the valleys from Agasthya mountain forests, a great reserve of medical plants.
The building made of bricks mixed with more than 100 Ayurvedic herbs ensures the constant presence of medicines. Both the inside and outside of Acharya emanates the bliss of Ayurveda and provides you with a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Another highlight of Acharya is tour packages that help the treatment. Boating, visits to safari parks and deer parks, trekking and trips to forests inhaling the scent of medical plants include the package. Acharya Ayurgramam makes the dictum ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ real.

Acharya Ayurgramam workships Ayurveda as they have come to the forefront in the field, as a result of the services of highly experienced doctors, hospitality and sincere care provided by their staff, and a lovely atmosphere. Ayurveda is secure in the hands of Acharya where sage Agasthya showers his blessings and the river Neyyar puts you to sleep with its sweet lullaby. Here tradition and professionalism interwine.

Now Accreditations:

Acharya Ayurgramam is an olive leaf certified institution.

Acharya Ayurgramam hold an ISO 9001:2008 Certification