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MED TOUR INDIA 4 HEALTH is incorporated in India by individual professionals, it’s my great pleasure to provide ‘Healthcare Related Services’ in India focusing on proactive health, medical and wellness. MED TOUR INDIA 4 HEALTH caters into entire gamut of healthcare needs like emergencies and from wellness to major illness.

At MED TOUR INDIA 4 HEALTH, our extreme focus is on addressing exacting healthcare related requirements, encompassing not only medical/surgical treatments in specialty hospitals qualifying best of world class environment, but also options of 3 to 5 star hotel comforts with variety of options of transport arrangements. All these benefits are offered in a capsule priced extremely competitive. Thus, fulfill the corporate goal of ‘Single Window’ – Med Tour India 4 Health that is Health Service Facilitator.

Our aim is not only to cure any particular ailment/patient but to give them a lifetime experience/care that they will cherish for lifetime. We believe healthcare and medical facilitator is not only about best medical services but it is more about the hospitality.

Irrespective of which medical treatments patient goes with, we want to ensure that it is cost – elective, quality driven, flexible and overall a lifetime experience. So in line with our thoughts we have currently associated the top notch internationally accredited and accepted hospitals and alternative therapy centers as our medical partners and medical facilitators in India.

It is worldwide known & accepted fact that India has emerged as Dependable Knowledge Based Service Provider, including in the area of surgical procedures & medical treatments. Leading Indian medical practitioners frequently visit many developed countries including United Nations/WHO round the year, to present papers on innovations & developments of new surgical procedures at various annual world medical meets.

Med Tour India 4 Health committed to facilitating affordable, safe and quality healthcare available in India to global citizens. The facilitation process at Med Tour India 4 Health is woven around its core philosophy “proud to serve you!” and guided by one of the central tenets of Indian culture “Atithi Devo Bhavha”, meaning “The Guest is God”.

Med Tour India 4 Health is one top consultant for all your healthcare needs from wellness to illness. We will provide you an entire package of complete comprehensive treatment options, diagnostic options, travel & leisure options, wellness & alternative therapy options in India. Our prime focus lies in accessing the international patients with extensive range of options for their Medical treatments, Ayurveda treatment, Surgeries, diagnosis, accommodation, leisure therapies, & air travel. We seek to be a single window health provider for our international clients.

Bhushan Shirude

Bhushan Shirude
Founder – Cheif Managing Director,
Med Tour India 4 Health, Mumbai

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