India is one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations because of its advanced, high-quality and affordable medical treatments. Also, many travelers around the world flock to India to explore its diversities. If you foresee yourself going to India, now here is another reason for you to rejoice: The Indian government has revised their visa policy to promote tourism.

Updated Visa Procedure

To tell things short, these are the key points from the new visa policy
– Tourist, medical, business and conference visas are merged into one
– E-tourist visa now available to 8 more countries (total 158 countries)
– Dual entries for tourism and business; three for medical treatment

To see things more detailed, this new visa policy will be a huge welcoming gesture for both foreigners as well as for India’s commerce.

Features of New Visa policy:
The long-term multiple-entry comprehensive visa (which has merged tourist, medical, business and conference visa) will be given for a period of 10 years. During this time, a foreigner can enter India three times as a medical tourist and two times as a leisure tourist or for business purposes. This new visa policy applies even for people coming for film shoots.

Each entry will be for 60 days and can be applied for up to 4 months ahead of the visit. According to the new policy, if a foreigner is granted a long-term multiple entry non-working or non-permanent stay visa, where his/her stay is for 60 days, the government may waive the visa fee; provided the visitor gives their bio-metric details and fulfill some security obligations. The new policy is now available for visitors from 158 countries.


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